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KDF Fluid Treatment - 30 Years of Water Treatment, Iron removal from waterIron RemovalKDF® 85 Process Medium Removes Iron

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KDF 85 Process Medium for heavy metal removal and iron removal from water.

KDF 85 Process Medium is an Effective Non-Chemical Water Treatment for Iron Removal and Other Heavy Metal Removal


KDF water filter media used by a bottled drinking water producer

A Kalamazoo, Michigan producer of bottled drinking water uses KDF media as a non-chemical method of removing chlorine and sequestered iron from 7,500 gallons of municipal water daily, extending the operating life of downstream RO membranes by as much as 10 years.

Redox media alloy function as catalysts to change soluble ferrous cations (positively-charged ions) into insoluble ferric hydroxide, which can be removed with regular backwashing. With enough oxygen dissolved in the water, iron removal rates of 98 percent or better are common. (More information on how KDF process media work.)

  • Major municipal organization uses KDF 85 granules as an effective treatment for removing iron from the ground water at 350 gpm (gallons per minute).